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IIIis a British bolt-action rifle. The Mark III was an evolution of the Magazine Lee-Enfield, as the name suggests it was shortened by about 5in or 13cm, and was introduced in British infantry wielding the rifle were also known for the "mad minute", an exercise during which they could reach upwards of thirty rounds per minute.

Compared to the other sniper rifles, the SMLE has the advantage of having the largest magazine size. Its sweet spot area is in the middle of the pack, at meters. In actual gameplay, it is rarely, if ever, seen being used by friendly snipers. In Nothing is Writtenif a level is started without previously playing the level before, an Infantry variant for the second level and an Carbine variant for the third are used as starter weapons. As with other base variants, it regains accuracy over distance due to it lack of attachments.

It functions identically to the Infantry variant of the weapon, and features a unique design based on the rifle used by T. Lawrence himself. It is the default sniper rifle for the Scout class. It is equipped with a magnified aperture sightsuitable for medium range engagements, as well as a bayonet. It has marginally increased hip-fire accuracy over its longer-range versions. While it has been replaced by the Lee-Enfield No. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. It can be zeroed for 75, and meters. It is zeroed for 75 meters. Click here for gadgets and melee weapon featured in Battlefield 1 Click here for weapon attachments featured in Battlefield 1.

Categories :. Cancel Save. All Kits. Elite Kits.In stock. It was the British Army's standard rifle from its official adoption in until The Lee-Enfield used the. This replica non-firing rifle features all metal and wood construction with a short magazine and working bolt action. It has a bayonet lug but will not accept bayonet without alteration. This is a new made replica from the ground up, and does not use any original parts. None of the parts are compatible with an original.

This item is completely legal within the USA.

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Everything for sale on ima-usa. Not available for export or in some US locations. This is a replica display gun that can never be engineered to fire a live round therefore no license of any kind is required to purchase this item. In conjunction with a frame or presentation box; or 2.

Solely for export in interstate or foreign commerce; or 3. Solely for use in theatrical or re-enactment productions; or 4. For use in certified sporting events or competitions; or 5. For use in military or civil defense or ceremonial activities; or 6.

We will not ship replicas of modern firearms post to these states. We will only ship replicas of modern firearms post to theatrical, re-enactment, military, police or other government accounts. Shopping Cart 0 View cart. Prev Next. Add to Cart.

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Rifle Specifications- Length: 45". Payment Options Not eligible for payment with Paypal or Amazon.The Shooting Party of Shenstone, Staffs, UK, the shooting and outdoor pursuits company, has announced that they will be exhibiting the first pre-production sample of the much-anticipated Lee-Enfield Guns Ltd.

They are utilizing metal and hardwood materials for all major parts, together with advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3-D printing of sample parts and CNC machining of magazines and valves. The rifles are said to be field strippable, and have sights that are adjustable for both windage and elevation.

In all, circa 17 million Lee Enfields are said to have been produced around the world. However, it would be a big seller here, too, the HAM Team believes.

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smle airsoft gun

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smle airsoft gun

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Feb You might also like. Latest Reviews. Crosman Premier Domed Ultra Heavy Popular Airguns. All right reserved. Unsubscribe anytime. No spam, only great airgun news and deals.British tunnelling operations began inas an attempt to break the stalemate on the Western Front, with the formation of the tunnelling companies of the Royal Engineers.

Tunnelling had historically been a feature of siege warfare since the medieval period and the Western Front proved no different. The final aim of the tunnelling was to lay massive explosive charges beneath enemy strong-points, no fewer than 19 were detonated on the 1st Julythe first day of the Battle of the Somme. Of course cutting down serviceable rifles was strictly prohibited and patrols were mostly issued with revolversgrenades and knives or clubs.

For tunnellers who encountered the enemy deep underground they were also normally armed with revolvers, knives and their mining tools. The only contemporary reference of using cut-down SMLEs, that I was able to find, comes from a sketch drawn by a tunnelling officer, Major R.

The rifle Stokes drew had a completely exposed barrel and an added front sight post. The provenance and origins of this rifle are unknown but with its stock still intact it differs from others and actually, in my opinion at least, makes the rifle more user friendly.

This cut-down SMLE is about 64cm or 25 inches long, with a 4 inch barrel. From descriptions of these subterranean fights they were short, vicious affairs which began with both sides blazing away at one another with pistols before fighting hand to hand.

Most accounts describe revolvers and pistols being the primary weapon used.

Lee Enfield SMLE .177 BB Air Rifle

From the contemporary accounts we have available it appears that immediate volume of fire was key in tunnel fights. For this double-action revolvers and small pistols like those described by Captain Sawers would have been ideal.

A cut-down rifle would have been deafening and the muzzle flash would have been blinding in the confines of the tunnel. This rifle has no sights, which while not a problem for short distances in the confines of a trench or a tunnel, anything over 25 yards is going to be challenging.

Interestingly, however, who ever cut the rifle down left the long range volley peep sight in place. The rifle itself is a SMLE MkI, originally built inand as such does not have a charger bridge, which was introduced later with the MkIII, instead it has a pair of charger guides.

Despite cut-down rifles not being officially sanctioned, it is very likely that at least a small number were made — perhaps from damaged rifles which had been salvaged. How many were adapted we will probably never know. These ignitors are sometimes confused with unofficial cut-down rifles but the metal grip plates and threaded muzzles are the easiest way to spot them.

Our special thanks go to the collection that holds this rifle, and allowed us to take a look at it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel.At the end of the 19th Century, after harsh lessons learned during the Boer War, the British Army realised that they desperately needed a new service rifle.

As a result, the SMLE has become very collectable, both in live fire and de-act form. This of course has pushed up prices, making the best SMLEs quite expensive and increasingly difficult to find. However, if you are in the market for a reasonable facsimile of this legendary rifle — for theatrical work, historic display and drill, etc. Battle Orders are offering an all metal and wood construction replica of the SMLE with fully operational bolt, working trigger mechanism and removable magazine.

Woodwork is exceptional, The action and muzzle assembly are non-convertible castings — there is no actual barrel between the action and the muzzle. In addition, the sight assembly is accurate looking, but is in fact non-adjustable, although a real sight could be purchased and fitted if a sight operation demonstration was required. There are three sling swivels, so a sling can be attached. Size The muzzle assembly has a bayonet attachment but it is slightly oversize, nevertheless, this could be altered by anybody that was handy with a file, to allow presentation of bayonet drill and full dress displays.

For information on this and other Battle Orders products, give them a call on tel: or visit their website at www. I'm afraid we review shooting related products her at Gun Mart, we do not actually sell products. You will have to contact Battle Orders to buy items.

We would appreciate if you can provide us replica unit non firing either made by resin or other. Webley Mk VI service revolver — 5 pcs 3. Holsters for the Webley — 10 pcs We have attached the picture for your reference.

British WWII Lee-Enfield .303 SMLE New Made Display Rifle

Kindly give us your quote for the abovementioned items and the delivery time is it possible within 14 days of period. Your immediate attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

smle airsoft gun

Thank you Regards K. Buying a Gun or Accessory, Choose from 's of items for sale Keith 28 Nov at PM. Troll Hunter 21 Mar at PM. Gun Mart.I used this as an opportunity to try out some of my new techniques for SMLE builds.

Lee Enfield SMLE .177 BB Air Rifle

This carbine was conceived as a way to make the SMLE shorter and lighter, the project being run in parallel with similar programmes in Ishapore India and Enfield GBthe latter of which used the No.

This is an impression of the first shortened Australian pattern. In time I hope to replicate quite a few of the others. It is, in essence, just a short SMLE. The only real effort to make the rifle lighter at this stage was in shortening the barrel and woodwork. This was one of my first rifles to use my rubber cast buttplates.

The originals used metal plates, I use rubber simply because metal plates are very hard to get presently. Possibly the best feature of this conversion is the use of this rear-mounted aperture sight. On the original rifle, this had two settings for range, on mine I have gone for a simple zeroing elevation adjustment. Having used this rifle in-game I can say confidently that this is an excellent sight, far superior to a regular SMLE notch.

The narrower aperture is in my opinion better than the No. As with the original, I have put a large draft on the front of the aperture to gather the maximum light possible. As with my other Enfield builds, I have used my custom Enfield trigger. I got to use this in-game in October. If you like this project or have an idea of your own, drop us a line on enquiries.

Quite some time ago, a client proposed making an Enfield with the magazine in the right place. I kept trimming it down until it was as small as possible without losing the rigidity required for this system.

An original trigger guard was not an option sadly, as it did not fit around the dimensions of the donor. As a result, I designed a custom one. The next step was to attach the nose cap unit and top guards. As with the VSR builds, I fit the metal parts before doing the shaping so that the shape fits around these.

In the picture below, you can see the rear top guard has been cut away for the rear sight and sight guard. It still needs to be shaped round the back end a bit to improve the grip, but the overall shape is coming together.

If you are interested in this project or have an idea of your own, drop us a line on enquiries. At long last, the first spring rifle is complete! I think in future versions I shall sit the action lower down in the stock to achieve a lower profile. Then I can add things like a charger bridge, maybe even splitting the back of the receiver for added authenticity. This example is using an original rear sight leaf. In future versions I hope to make reproductions to minimise the number of irreparably modified originals.

The rear sight will also host the TDC hop adjustment mod, saving you a helpful upgrade. I may have to use No. After the success of the 3D printed Sten MkV foresight, I have continued to use this technology here to create the outer barrel impression and foresight unit.The Lee-Enfield bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle was the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century.

It was the British Army's standard rifle from its official adoption in until It featured a ten-round box magazine which was loaded with the. It was also used by the military forces of Canada, India, and South Africa, among others. As a standard-issue infantry rifle, it is still found in service in the armed forces of some Commonwealth nations, notably with the Indian Police, which makes it the longest-serving military bolt-action rifle still in official service. Total production of all Lee-Enfields is estimated at over 17 million rifles.

In Australia and New Zealand the rifle became known simply as the "". So closely was the weapon associated with the British Empire that in the film Breaker Morant, a group of prisoners is said to have been shot "under rule three-oh-three".

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The Lee-Enfield rifle was derived from the earlier Lee-Metford, a mechanically similar black powder rifle, which combined James Paris Lee's rear-locking bolt system with a barrel featuring rifling designed by William Ellis Metford. The Lee action cocked the striker on the closing stroke of the bolt, making the initial opening much faster and easier compared to the "cock on opening" of the Mauser design.

The rear-mounted lugs place the operating handle much closer to the operator, over the trigger, making it quicker tooperate than traditional designs like the Mauser.

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The rifle was also equipped with a detachable sheet-steel, round, double-column magazine, a very modern development in its day. Originally, the concept of a detachable magazine was opposed in some British Army circles, as some feared that the private soldier might be likely to lose the magazine during field campaigns.

Early models of the Lee-Metford and Lee-Enfield even used a short length of chain to secure the magazine to the rifle.

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The Lee-Enfield was adapted to fire the. Experiments with smokeless powder in the existing Lee-Metford cartridge seemed at first to be a simple upgrade, but the greater heat and pressure generated by the new smokeless powder wore away the shallow, rounded, Metford rifling after approximately rounds. The Lee-Enfield rifle was introduced in November as the. The barrel was now halfway in length between the original long rifle and the carbine, at The SMLE's visual trademark was its blunt nose, with only the bayonet lug protruding a small fraction of an inch beyond the nosecap.

The new rifle also incorporated a charger loading system, another innovation borrowed from the Mauser rifle; notably the charger system is different from the fixed "bridge" that would become the standard.

The shorter length was controversial at the time: many Rifle Association members and gunsmiths were concerned that the shorter barrel would not be as accurate as the longer MLE barrels, that the recoil would be much greater, and the sighting radius would be too short. The windage adjustment capability of the rear sight was also dispensed with, and the cocking piece was changed from a round knob to a serrated slab.

Rifles with some or all of these features present are found, as the changes were implemented at different times in different factories and as stocks of preexisting parts were used. The magazine cut-off was reinstated after the First World War ended,] and not entirely dispensed with until The inability of the principal manufacturers RSAF Enfield, Birmingham Small Arms, and London Small Arms to meet military production demands led to the development of the "peddled scheme", which contracted out the production of whole rifles and rifle components to several shell companies.

The Pattern became the Rifle No. The SMLE design was fairly expensive to manufacture because of the many forging and machining operations required.

Bullpup Sniper Rifle: Silverback SRS A1 (Desert Tech) – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

In the s several experiments were carried out to help with these problems, reducing the number of complex parts. The increased gap resulted in an improved sighting radius, improving sighting accuracy, and the aperture improved speed of sighting making it also known as a "battle sight".

The magazine cutoff was also reintroduced, and an additional band was added near the muzzle for additional strength during bayonet use. Unfortunately, this design was found to be even more complicated and expensive to manufacture than the Mk III, and so was not developed or issued beyond a trial production of this rifle numbered approximately 20, units, produced between and at RSAF Enfield.

The No. The receiver-mounted rear sights and magazine cutoff were also present, and production numbered units, produced between and During the course of the Second World War, the No. On the other hand, the No. With the introduction of the No. It was never an official military designation, but British and Commonwealth troops serving in the Burmese and Pacific theatres during World War Two were known to unofficially refer to the No.

Both the No.

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